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Our Story

Dec2010 Grand Opening

Grand opening ribbon cutting on December 18, 2010. Amy & Tony Korthaus, Owners

After many years of backyard BBQ’ing, Quetopia ® (pronounced kyoo-top-pee-uh) was formed in 2007 by the creative combination of the words “barbeque” and “utopia”, a place of ideal perfection. Originally formed as a competition BBQ team with the goal of creating Ideal Barbeque ®, we began selling supplies to family, friends and competition teams we met at contests. A job status change in Summer of 2009 opened up an opportunity to jump into BBQ full-time.

While working as a manufacturer sales rep for several companies covering the Midwest states during 2009 & 2010, it was evident that there was a void in the Twin Cities marketplace for a supply store strictly dedicated to helping enthusiasts perfect their outdoor cooking skills. In December 2010, Quetopia opened its retail store in Minnetonka, selling quality grilling and barbeque supplies to backyard and professional BBQr’s.

In 2015, Quetopia doubled in size by adding an additional 1,200 sq ft of retail space and remodeled the existing retail space to allow for an offering of Specialty Meats consisting of fresh and frozen bbq proteins (ribs, pork butt & brisket) for the backyard bbq’r and competition teams.

The explosion in the popularity of grilling and barbeque has allowed Quetopia to continue to grow and expand its product offerings while continuing to provide great customer service and advice to all of its customers. Quetopia’s website allows for customers in outlaying cities and states an opportunity to shop online in the convenience and comfort of their homes.

We would also invite you to like our Facebook page, “Quetopia”, to keep up to date with new product arrivals and any exploits we may have while cooking or competing!

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